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Little Otis Fights Cancer Book Cover, Michigan

Little Otis Fights Cancer By Otis Keith, Michigan

Otis Keith a Cancer Survivor, Shares His Heartwarming Story

Little Otis Fights Cancer is a true story of hope and determination written by a man who fought and beat cancer not once but four times. Otis Keith a cancer survivor and a R&B artist wrote his book to remind readers that it is possible to survive cancer despite an overwhelming prognosis. Everyone from doctors and young cancer patients to parents and friends have said they find reassurance and inspiration within the pages of his book, which makes the struggles of cancer relatable, even for those who have never had it. Otis has found healing and strength in his writing, and he has also produced an R&B album called "Every Woman Is Special." You can buy his paperback book on Amazon® for $14.99 or download the eBook version for $3.99.

Otis Keith has always been passionate about R&B music, and his mother inspired his musical talent. Today, he loves spending time writing in the studio and his latest album, "Every Woman Is Special," is full of beautiful love songs.

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Otis Keith  is a children's book author and R&B artist in Detroit, Michigan. His work is available nationwide on Amazon and CD Baby™.

After being diagnosed with cancer for the third time, Otis decided to write a book detailing his life story. At a children's hospital function, he met a writer named Tom Nugent who offered to help him write his life story book. Otis later wrote a book which is about a little boy who is diagnosed with cancer in 1966. Doctors tell the boy's parents he has a 50% chance of surviving, but that does not deter him. He wills himself to fight and beat the cancer.

Otis' books are for children 3 to 16 years old. The stories he tells are based on actual events. In addition to giving hope to parents and friends of young cancer patients, he wants to remind the patients themselves that they are not alone in their fight.

Read the book to see how a 6-year-old boy fought cancer and grew up to become a family man and musician. After being part of a singing group for years, Otis decided to branch out on his own, and in 2008, he released the R&B crossover album "Every Woman Is Special."


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