Otis Keith - R&B Artist

R&B Artist – Otis Keith Otis Keith - I Am Love produces R&B music that is meant to inspire people and provide them with hope no matter what their current struggles might be. Love is an R&B artist who has decades of experience writing and performing love songs and other original hits. He joined a group in the late 1970s and started writing and performing on his own after it broke up in 1992. Contact Otis Keith today to learn more about his R&B album.

Love Won't You Hurry

Song Written by Ivy Jo Hunter (Co-Writer in Motown) \

Ivy Jo Hunter wrote "Love Won't You Hurry" for my group, Suade.  He also produced the record.  He was a cowriter on several of Motown's biggest hits.  One of them was "Dancing in the Street" by Martha and the Vandellas. It was co-written by Ivy Jo Hunter and Marvin Gay.  

R&B 4 Man Group - Suade R&B 3 Man Group - Suade

Otis' Inspiration

Otis enjoys creating beautiful things, and loves being in the studio and writing. He says that these creative moments take him to another level. His writing and music are meant to be healing and provide a therapeutic result, and he hopes that his creations help people with whatever situation they may be going through.

Every Woman Is Special Album Cover

"Every Woman Is Special"

"Every Woman Is Special" is the culmination of 11 years of hard work. Love, who is a self-proclaimed old-fashioned man, wrote all the lyrics and sang all the music on the record himself before recording it with a few of his associates. The music explores how men should treat women, and it serves as both a party album and an album for lovers. If you've ever been in love, you'll be able to relate, and the lyrics will remind you of what it was like. Copyright by Love Is Music BMI / Astro World Records®. There are only a few left, so order one on CD Baby today. When you listen to it, you will feel like Love wrote the lyrics just for you. The tracks are:

1. Wanna Dance, 4:11
2. That Thang, 3:04
3. Come Inside, 4:28
4. Lick You Up and Down, 4.32
5. Ooh Baby I Love You, 4:59
6. Heartbeat, 4:10

7. Old School Party, 3:28
8. Tonight, 5:02
9. Shake That Thang, 2:51
10. Jealous, 3:51
11. You Never Miss, 5:13
12. I Like the Way You Smell, 4:37